• Tara Diaz

    June 4, 2022 at 8:25 am

    Hi Sharon,

    I use Acuhub and love it. I just switched to them. I started used virtual receptionists about 5 years ago when my first born was one. I noticed that people do not want to leave messages. And I had a small child so answering my phone when i was at home was not an option.

    Acuhub answers the phone, books appointments, and calls people who are late. They can also call and reschedule people which I try not to do but it happens. They do not email or text patients. But they text with me all day which is so efficient.

    Currently they make appointments in unified practice, get their cc info to book, and their insurance info if applicable.

    They also will make a outgoing calls so if you want them to check in on a patient for you they are happy to do that.

    Acuhub also had other VA services that i have not used but it is in the vein of setting up systems I believe. I really like Jenn the owner. She is an acupuncturist herself.