• Lorie Dechar

    June 4, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Vicki, my heart blossoms as I read your writing and, if you could see me now, you would know that there is a big smile on my face!

    I am so happy and gratified to read your share. First of all, because of what it represents for you in your own internal and external alchemy. But also, because it is a kind of initiation, the kind of initiation that we can never plan for but that happens through grace. The timing of these initiations is not under our control, but rather lies in the hands of the Goddess, the one who weaves the webs of our soul destinies. And yet, our work as alchemists is to continue to create the conditions for the magic to happen, for the initiation to occur … and that is exactly what you have done.

    This initiation – through the sky blue wisdom of the Cerato Flower will forever change you in a very personal way but it will also change your clinical work with patients. As you express in your own words above, until we have a personal experience of a medicine’s magic, there is a reluctance when we recommend it to others. It is the personal encounter – what I am calling the initiation – that imbues us with the capacity to effectively activate the inherent potency of the remedy.

    I’m excited to continue the journey with you through the amazing healing cosmos of the Flowers!