• Lorie Dechar

    June 4, 2022 at 11:34 am

    Whew! Stephanie, great dream! “Just!” “Drop it!” Hmmmm ….

    Well, first of all, what i would say about the lucid part of the dream is that, for me, lucidity is a way of emphasizing the importance of a dream for our current soul work. It’s as if the unconscious is saying, “Wake up! This matters.” I know there are other theories about lucid dreaming but for our purposes here, that is what comes up for me.

    As for the “meaning” of this dream, I am going to offer you some questions to reflect on as you “befriend” it. I’d love to read what comes up for you … and will respond … so, here goes:

    • Why do you imagine Jon is in the car with you? Is there some way he isn’t paying attention to navigating in your life right now? Or is there some way you have abdicated some aspect of navigation to him that you need to reclaim?
    • Sometimes it’s useful to consider all parts of the dream as a part of you. Jon may represent an aspect of what I refer to as your “animus” – your inner partner or the masculine aspect of your psyche. This can be related to your capacity to think clearly, to take your own words and ideas seriously, to speak up. Looking at the dream this way, is there some way you need to come into better relationship with your own yang / masculine / inner partner so that your feelings and thought / emotions and ideas can support each other, so that you “two” are collaborating in navigation rather than arguing about it?
    • I van’t help noticing that the signs are “green” … is there some way that the Wood Element is related to this situation? Some vision or plan that wants your attention? Some edge or new direction beckoning?
    • The “home address” tells me this dream has something to do with either your living situation or some aspect of your “self” – your home / being / body / personal intimate aspects of your work. What needs to be dropped there so that you can move on? How are you at a crossroads in your own being?

    Looking forward to your responses! And then, we’ll take it from there!