• Christine MacSween

    June 6, 2022 at 8:50 am

    (I already shared this with Stephanie in voice note form, but I’m going to translate that here.) I’m so happy you shared this with the class as we have been musing on it for some time! Stephanie and I are intimately connected in daily life, and with our dreams and we both have fun insights that lead to deeper and deeper layers through our conversations. I love that Lorie brought up Jon too, as this was the layer that jumped out to me when I actually got to read the dream.

    As I know them both, I know that Stephanie and Jon have some similarities that are often a wonderful joy, and can be a source of lead for them too. Stephanie’s frustration with Jon in the dream reminds me of how she can be frustrated with those same elements in herself. (ie not paying attention to the details, not navigating “properly”)

    Her conscious self in the dream makes me think of the control of the mind over the body. And that she became lucid is like a leap or another layer of consciousness. Where Jon is more like the body, “why does it want to go this way?” The “Just drop it” could be “Just drop the control of the mind”.

    This has been such a fun dream to explore!