• Babbie Stern

    June 10, 2022 at 9:06 am

    Endings and New Beginnings:

    I wrote this letter to my community after a lot of reflection and many months of hemming and hawing 😉. I am mostly relieved, but also a bit wistful and feel a little tenuous.

    Although I have steadily slowed my clinical practice down, energetically my practice represented so much. Through my practice, I was able to provide the primary source of income for my family, I was proud that I put myself through 6 years of medical school, obtained a residency, set up a successful practice, and was independent. This independence gave me the confidence to leave a dysfunctional marriage and step into being a single parent. I am grateful for that.

    But I have been sensing the call to put my focus on this mentorship, on my family, on the farm and new communities we are creating (both in this mentorship and locally). I am excited to dive more deeply into this work and see where it takes me without knowing how it will unfold.

    As I finish two major astrological cycles (18 year Rahu and 30 year hero’s journey) next year, this feels like a really appropriate step in the process.

    I can feel the heat of the fire stirring the lead in the cauldron. I am grateful that Lorie gave us the heads up about it being dangerous and uncomfortable.

    April 28, 2022

    To my beloved patients, esteemed colleagues and dear friends,

    This letter is long overdue, and I thank you for your patience with me as I sorted out the journey of my life…

    As many of you know, I went on maternity leave almost 5 years ago to birth and raise my son, Jomei. My beloved partner simultaneously experienced some major life changes and we were uprooted in the chaos. I believe that the events we experienced over the last five years were very similar to what many of you went through or are currently going through. Although it may have looked different on the outside, we’ve all had an opportunity to push the reset button, reprioritize and get grounded and clear on what is truly important to us and how we choose to spend our precious days.

    Many of you know that I have long dreamed about starting a retreat and wellness center. In November 2020, we moved to a 38 acre ranch in Peoa and are starting to put that dream into reality. We are calling it Healing Seeds Farm. We are focusing initially on a medicinal herb farm to create botanical medicines and make our own tinctures, teas and salves, but will also grow organic, biodynamic produce to offer to the community. In our inaugural summer, we plan to have 6 farm-to-table dinners, 2 glamping retreats, 1 wedding and several workshops focusing on regenerative farming techniques, botanical medicines and permaculture, presence at the farmers markets and hopefully a farm stand. We have an amazing team to help us: Daisy Fair from Copper Moose is consulting, Doug Bullock for our permaculture design, Jodie Rodgers from Deer Valley for our Food and Beverage, Mike Wong and Siobhan Reynolds from Grow Sisters as our farmers and Sofia Milletti offering our retreats.

    I am also undergoing a personal transmutation: in January, I embarked on a year-long mentorship in Alchemical Healing with Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox. To quote from a student of Lorie’s: “Together we are exploring alchemy as the science and art of soul work that puts a central emphasis on one’s inner life, the psyche and spirit as well as our connection to the natural world as necessary for healing. The goal of working at this level is to help people develop a more conscious relationship with their inner life. With the understanding that health at this level translates into a life of meaning, purpose, productivity and joy – and ultimately solution oriented approaches to the project of being human.“ Dr. Kristin Schnurr, ND

    While I have attempted to maintain a clinical practice through all this, I feel I have not done it very gracefully, and it is clear that my time is stretched thinly enough that I must make the very difficult decision to let my practice rest while I focus on my family, personal transformation and help tend to the manifestation of Healing Seeds Farm. I do not yet know where this journey will lead me. It is my strong hope that as I finish this mentorship and the Farm gets fully established, I can reinvent my medical practice and begin to offer a new paradigm of healing based on alchemical principles.

    I’d like to offer referrals to other trusted providers in my stead:


    I want to extend very deep and sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who have supported me, entrusted me with your care, referred to me, believed in me. I would not be where I am without you, and I truly appreciate all of you.

    I wish for each of you peaceful hearts, grounded and clear visions, high calibrations of consciousness and much, much love.

    My very best,


    Dr. Babbie

    Mountain Sage Natural Health and Acupuncture