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Dogs Can Be The Best ESA For You: How And Why

We are all well aware of the fact that life can be a bumpy road that can become difficult to tread for everyone. These hurdles prove even more difficult to deal with for individuals who suffer from mental health issues. This is because these individuals have to deal with their internal struggles in conjunction with external struggles. For such individuals, getting an emotional support animal improves their lives considerably as these animals, through their unconditional love and support, help them overcome their hurdles. Among different emotional support animals that are available, dogs are the best in providing emotional support.

Emotional support dogs help individuals to overcome their depressive episodes. Depressive individuals tend to become melancholic and disinterested in the affairs of life. But when these individuals pet their dogs, take good care, and provide for them, they tend to become more elated and energetic. This is because, with such activities, the brain releases beneficial neurochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which elevate their mood, release their stress, and makes them euphoric. Doing these activities not only elevates their depression but also makes them energetic, which helps them to deal with the problems and issues that might arise in the future. Other emotional support dogs might not be able to provide this sort of love and support, and hence might not be considered the best option. Thus, emotional support dogs help individuals suffering from depression.

Emotional support animals help their handlers to become calm and stress-free during anxiety-inducing situations. Individuals that suffer from mental health problems often tend to feel insecure in situations where they are not in control of how things turn out to be. For example, when these individuals are in a public gathering where they do not know anybody or are at home alone, they tend to become anxious and nervous. Emotional support dogs can provide the companionship these individuals require in such situations, which relieves their stress and anxiety. As other animals might not be able to accompany their handlers in every situation, they might not be suitable for elevating situational anxiety. Moreover, dogs are much more obedient than other animals, especially those that have a life of their own and usually do not pay attention to the requirement that a certain situation places on them. Thus, emotional support dogs help individuals suffering from situational anxiety.

Real ESA is a website that provides a service for individuals seeking an emotional support animal (ESA) letter. The website claims to provide authentic ESA letters that are compliant with the regulations set forth by the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). The process involves completing an online questionnaire and having a licensed mental health professional evaluate the answers to determine if an ESA is appropriate. If approved, the individual will receive an ESA letter that can be used to request reasonable accommodations in housing and travel. It’s important to note that while claims to provide genuine ESA letters, it’s always wise to research and verify the legitimacy of any online service before using it.

Emotional support dogs help individuals to become physically healthy and more organized. Individuals that have mental health issues have a hard time organizing their life and developing a schedule for their activities. With an ESA dog, these individuals become responsible for their caretaking and well-being. These individuals have to feed their dogs, bathe them, and play with them at specific times of the day, which forces them to bring structure to their lives and makes them more organized. Emotional support dogs also need to be taken outside for a walk daily, as they can become stressed staying at home the entire day. The handlers walk their dogs outside at least once every day, which forces them to become more active and makes them develop a healthy lifestyle. As other emotional support animals are not even nearly as active and agile as dogs, therefore, they do not impose a healthy and active lifestyle on their handlers. Thus, dogs are the only type of emotional support animals that help their handlers become physically healthy and active.

To enjoy the further benefits associated with having an emotional support dog, such as increased security and accessibility, you should strive to get them licensed through an ESA letter. The realesaletter certifies that the individual has a genuine mental health condition that requires the companionship offered by emotional support animals. This letter is to be obtained through a licensed mental health practitioner that is currently practicing within your state of residence. Otherwise, the ESA letter would not be considered authentic, and would, therefore, serve no real purpose.

To get an ESA letter, you first have to select the type of letter that best suits your needs. For example, the emotional support animal letter for housing suits those individuals that are looking to obtain a residence with their emotional support animal. Landlords are legally prohibited from discriminating against people that have an ESA letter for housing depicting their genuine need for keeping an emotional support animal with them.

After choosing the type of ESA letter, you have to get in contact with a licensed mental health practitioner who is working within your state. If you have no such contacts, you can get the assistance of online ESA letter services. These services link you with the mental health practitioner through video or phone conference. The mental health practitioner conducts an interview to gauge your mental health and whether it warrants an emotional support animal. If it does, then you will receive the ESA letter within a few days.

However, with online ESA letter services, you have to be careful as there are some fraudulent services lurking on the internet. To ascertain that the ESA letter that you receive is authentic, you should ask the online service beforehand to provide you with a sample letter, so that you can ensure that it contains all the relevant information present in a typical ESA letter. Moreover, you should also ensure that the ESA letter service is secure so that they are not misusing sensitive information. Once you ascertain the online service will provide you with genuine ESA documentation, you can get a dog and enjoy the benefits it’ll bring to your health.