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 In my work as an astrologer, I lean into the wisdom of the cosmos, looking to the ancient language of the stars to help people know themselves more deeply, to discover meaning in the inevitable challenges of embodiment, and ultimately to actualize their potential in crafting a purposeful life. My vision for A New Possibility coalesced in 2005, partly the hope of over two decades of unrelenting personal soul searching but more so a premonition of who I was still in the process of becoming. I had met Lorie nine years earlier (you can read that story in our book!) and the crucible of our intimacy had initiated healing I knew I needed but hadn’t previously been ready to take on. Our years of collaboration in the Alchemical Healing Mentorship, the creative birthing of The Alchemy of Inner Work, and the crises facing us in this current cultural moment have brought greater urgency to my dream of building a healing community. The community network that I founded is the expression of this calling. The world needs each of us to do the work of waking up to our own healing. My passion and commitment are to this awakening. I consider it my privilege to collaborate with others in staying focused on the path.