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Judy Suzanne


I am a holistic adult and child psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst, writer, painter, gardener, Shamanic and Reiki practitioner, Astrologer, and Tarot reader living in the Boston area. Recently I have been engaged with a system of energy healing called Body Intuitive, that is part Western medicine and part Chinese medicine. I have felt very drawn to what I have been learning about Chinese Medicine, particularly the Spiritual/Shamanic aspects of the 5 Elements and the poetry of the acupuncture points.

Synchronistically I recently stumbled across Lorie’s work and so resonated with her ideas and approach to healing. It was even more astonishing when I learned that she is married to an astrologer! I am working on a book about the need for a different paradigm of healing in these times of transition.  My hope is that this mentorship will support and deepen my understanding of what I am trying to capture in my writing.

I also believe that it is particularly important at this tumultuous time of endings and new beginnings, to be part of a spiritual community of like-minded individuals, in order to support an uplifted vibration and a hopeful vision for what is still possible.