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Eve Dechar




I am passionate about my work as a clinician, teacher, mentor, dream tender, and poetic scholar. In addition to writing the first and only modern book on the Five Spirits of ancient Chinese medicine, I have worked for over three decades to integrate the principles and practice of Chinese medicine with Western depth psychology to create Alchemical Healing, a therapeutic modality directly focused on the psycho-spiritual and soul issues of our time.

Responding to the needs of a small group of students at Tri-State College of Acupuncture, where I taught for fifteen years, I developed the Alchemical Healing Mentorship. Expanding far beyond my original vision, the Mentorship has served as a training program, learning collaborative, and alchemical laboratory for an ever-growing international brigade of health care practitioners and committed explorers of healing and consciousness transformation.

Having co-founded A New Possibility in 2012 with my husband, Benjamin, we have since gone on to write The Alchemy of Inner Work, a manifesto for the emergence of a new view of health and healing and a guidebook for the alchemical adventure of personal inner work that leads to global outer change. My third book, Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points through the Changing Seasons, brings together my over three decades of clinical experience into a handbook for practitioners who are looking to touch the soul through the portal of the points.

I am now thrilled to be mentoring practitioners while integrating the vision of our work into a wide array of online courses that will facilitate conversation and activism around critical issues related to personal and planetary healing.