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Service Dog for Stress and Anxiety: All You Need To Know

It is quite common to find people suffering from mental health issues. Among those issues, anxiety and stress are quite common. Sometimes anxiety and stress lead to depression, or the symptoms of all can be present at the same time. Some people ask if service dogs can help with regard to anxiety and stress. In some ways, they do, but it needs to be understood that service dogs are not emotional support animals.

Emotional support animals are especially for providing therapeutic presence. They help in mitigating the effects of mental distress, providing much-needed respite to their owners. They should not be confused with service animals. You need an emotional support animal letter to qualify your pet as an ESA animal. On the other hand, service animals are specially trained and do not need such documentation.

What is a Service Dog?

Service dogs are highly trained to help people with disabilities. The disability could be related to hearing impairment, visual impairment, or mobility impairment. They can help the disabled in various tasks of daily life. They help in bringing items, raising alarms, manipulating switches, calling someone, etc. Due to their enormous benefits, they are a big relief for the disabled.

Service Dogs for Stress and Anxiety

Psychiatric service dogs help people deal with anxiety, stress, and other mental health problems. They accompany their owners to all places such as restaurants, grocery stores, airplanes, etc. These dogs get legal recognition in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

There are various ways through which service dogs can help the owner with anxiety. For instance, it can detect an anxiety attack and alert the owner beforehand. The dog can also fetch medicines or water during an anxiety attack. People also need some other person who can help them during this phase of distress. The service dogs can go and bring another person for help.

Furthermore, the service dog can calm their owner during an anxiety attack in different ways, such as by distracting or licking the face. It can also ward off strangers from approaching the owner. Needless to say, service dogs also provide soothing effects through pressure therapy. It is usual for people to forget their medication for anxiety. The dog can help in this regard by reminding the owner to take medication. There are other benefits of service dogs as well regarding anxiety and stress.

Having a service dog brings discipline to people’s lives and they are compelled to exercise regularly. Doing regular exercise helps mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Physical activity has proven advantageous regarding mental health issues. When people spend some time outdoors, they take in some fresh air and vitamin D. This results in improvement of mood and health.

The constant loneliness and isolation are detrimental to mental health. However, having a dog accords a sense of belonging. People have a sincere and loyal companion which makes them feel lively and content. This goes on to have positive effects concerning anxiety and stress. All in all, service dogs have numerous benefits when it comes to fighting anxiety and stress. Nevertheless, people should ensure that their dogs are active, healthy, and loved.

How to Get a Service Dog?

People have to meet certain criteria if they wish to get service dogs for disability, anxiety, and stress. First of all, a person should have a disability. A letter of recommendation from the doctor is also necessary. Having proper communication skills and patience is mandatory. If you do not have the ability or will to keep training and caring for the dog, then you are not eligible to have one. Along with a suitable home environment, you should have adequate financial resources to meet the dog’s expenses.

Some people have a high level of mental health problems. For them, a service dog would not suffice. They need to have an emotional support animal for that purpose. An ESA can be helpful in all mental health issues ranging from depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD. However, a realesaletter is mandatory in this regard. Otherwise, you cannot claim the benefits.

To adopt an emotional support animal, you need to consult your therapist. A licensed therapist has the authority to issue you the required documentation. Apart from that, a real esa letter for housing is required to have free accommodation for your ESA. No one can charge the accommodation fee of your ESA if you have this legal documentation. There are various other benefits as well.

It should be noted that these benefits have been provided considering the severity of mental health issues. People with psychological issues should not be burdened with further costs of their ESA. If they have to bear the accommodation cost of their ESA, they would not be able to focus on their mental well-being. It is admirable that state and federal authorities have recognized this fact. Other people should also exhibit responsibility and refrain from any illicit activities related to ESA certification.

Some people sell fake and cheap ESA letters online. Some therapists have also been reported to be awarding ESA letters to those who do not deserve them. These practices go on to create problems for those people who need emotional support. There should be a strict regulatory mechanism that could curb all these fraudulent activities. In addition, there is a need to make the therapy profession more transparent and accountable. In essence, emotional support animals are special animals that should find their due place in the life of emotionally troubled people.