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Hello Teachers and Learners,

I feel so grateful for this yearlong Mentorship.

I am a Massage Therapist working in Oakland California. This is my second go around with the profession.  The first time was 1987-99. In ‘99 I became a firefighter and unfortunately became injured in 2009. The injury was undeniably life changing. I could not walk across the room without great dysfunction and pain. Fortunately, I did receive a spinal fusion and through many years of rehab, I appear to not be disabled at all. This level of balance happened through acupuncture, Tui Na, massage, chiropractic and hard headedness.

I became recertified in massage by 2016, focusing on the Asian Therapeutic Arts. I quickly realized it was a calling this time around. The practice was not only effortless, but balancing. My practice now is with oil, but integrating Thai/Shiatsu/Tui Na into the sessions as I see fit. I currently have been learning Acutonics and see this Mentorship as an aid in beginning a new practice of healing with the points/meridians/magic.

What I didn’t plan on but appears to be undeniable, is the synergy of the group and the personal deep healing.

I am open to all that unfolds.