Surviving Adversity

Join Yvonne’s 6-month program and begin healing that can help you and your practice be transformed.

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for Surviving Adversity Mentorship only

Valid until July 10th, 2022

You will:

  • Investigate the channel system in relationship to Wei, Ying, and Yuan Qi.
  • Discuss how the body’s default system setting of “survival” promotes the creation of latency as an act of self-preservation.
  • Explore how each system (Sinews, Luo-collaterals, Primary channels, Divergent Meridians, and 8 Extraordinary vessels) contributes to these acts of self-preservation and the resulting consequences of those acts.
  • Develop techniques and treatment approaches that focus on empowering patients to move beyond survival into states of health that support their capacity to thrive.


Hun & Po: Spiritual Growth from an Earthbound Place

Learn the benefits of aligning the spirits of the liver and lungs. Aligning these spirits gives us the ability to grow creatively while being fully grounded in the body. Point combinations will be discussed.