• Judy Tsafrir

    January 9, 2022 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Kelli.

    Thank you for expressing interest in my work. I am already exercising considerable chutzpah in my holistic psychiatry practice by being open about my belief that the conventional psychiatric paradigm is utterly broken, as well as having a specialty in treating mold toxicity as a major cause of psychiatric conditions when mainstream medicine does not acknowledge the connection. Probably the most outrageous, however, is being out of the closet as an astrologer and Tarot reader on my psychiatry website.

    The chutzpah Lorie was referring to was that I have only very recently begun to learn about the 5 Elements and Chinese medicine. I honestly know extremely little about all of it, but what I have learned resonates so deeply with me. I particularly love its Shamanic nature in so far as the practitioner connects heaven and earth in the healing intention and practice, as well as the centrality of the connection with nature and the seasons. In the book that I am writing, I have recently undertaken an exploration of the 4 elements in Western astrology and the 5 elements in Chinese medicine as a lens or as a way to understand what is going on for a patient. The chutzpah is daring to write about something that I only understand very little about. It may not work out, but I am interested in this adventure. This desire to know more about the 5 Elements and Chinese medicine was how I found my way to Lorie and Benjamin.

    I am now beginning to wonder if that was just my conscious entry point and if there is something more essential for me to learn here.

    I liked reading your introduction and about your life in San Francisco. It sounds like you are at quite a crossroads. I look forward to connecting with you in person/virtually.