• Judy Tsafrir

    January 27, 2022 at 11:33 am

    Hi Benjamin,

    I am wondering what part you left out of what you originally read on Sunday. You wrote here that this was a portion of it.

    I recall that my body felt sense at the time was one of profound grief for all of the loss of species, human suffering and the damage to the planet. That is not what I feel when I read what you posted here. Am I misremembering?

    This portion is actually hopeful and does not evoke the same response in me. I remember at the time feeling grief and also an awareness that I would be 85 years old in 20 years and wondering what that would be like. There is so much new science and research about longevity, which in some way makes it impossible to imagine myself at 85, as it might not be 85 as I imagine it now.

    On Sunday I resonated a great deal with the discussion about people living more in communities than atomized in single-family homes. It makes so much sense humanly and also in terms of the wise use of resources.

    It was a powerful exercise.