• Judy Tsafrir

    February 27, 2022 at 8:40 am

    Thank you, Benjamin, for thinking about this with me. When I was a child, I read every book in the library I could find about witches and magic. The prima materia needs to somehow include claiming/trusting my very magical non-rational self.

    Mercury, the final dispositor in my chart is in Virgo, conjunct the mid-heaven. This highly analytical energy has been a blessing, but also is inhibiting. I would like to be able to surrender and trust that what I need to convey will flow through me, that it will be good enough, so that I can be spontaneous and present, and do not feel the need to rely on a carefully crafted script.

    I admire the way Lorie leads and responds on her feet. I aspire to that freedom. I am hoping that Mars at 0 Aries and the Sun on my Ascendent in my Progressed chart will catalyze and support this longed for shift.

    The podcast I envision would be thematically similar to the book I am writing; the need for a paradigm shift in psychiatry to a holistic approach that includes the Sacred, planetary healing and transformation of consciousness.