• Judy Tsafrir

    April 3, 2022 at 8:30 am

    What a wonderful response! So happy to receive it. I knew you would have a thoughtful reply. I look forward to reading the resources you referenced. I am very interested to hear more about your and Lorie’s experience in this regard and I like the idea of looking at it through an alchemical framework.

    Yes, by history both children in that family were clearly losing their minds, and it’s no surprise given their mother’s behavior with me. I was so relieved to just refund the payment and close that door. We can be very vulnerable to complaints and lawsuits as MDs.

    Some psychoanalysts would likely say in the first instance with falling down the stairs, that I somehow was unable to tolerate that very joyful feeling I had after the gathering, and that I somehow needed to spoil it, out of unconscious guilt. But I am not sure that I buy that. I felt like there was some dark or negative energy that was trying to balance things out.

    In the second instance, I cannot think of anything that I did that contributed to that mother’s false accusations. So, I look forward to more discussion about this! Thanks again.