• Judy Tsafrir

    April 22, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    What a wonderful rich thoughtful comment, Lorie. It was so very helpful to me. Thank you so much. It helps me to hold all of this. The drama in my life has continued in a big way with even more tantalizing magical excitements only to be followed quickly by resounding thuds. It’s been extraordinary in terms of the extremes. Your comments soothe me. I have definitely felt buffeted about by extreme highs and lows of external events that I am not orchestrating. They are coming to me. I do of course have a choice about how excited and disappointed I allow myself to get, but there is something unusual going on here. I completely agree with your insight about the psychoanalytic interpretation leaving one feeling vaguely guilty and responsible with an overvaluing of the ego’s capacity for control. I resonate with your embrace and acknowledgment of Mystery and the awe of witnessing the Multi-Dimensional that is at work in our lives. I also loved what you wrote about “putting some disorder in the bank” I am a rich woman at the moment. I felt comforted by your framing this as a time of creative expansion and also your reminder that the phase of descent is just as valuable as the time of bright promise. Thank you, again. This is why I wanted to work with you. You speak my language. Very grateful.