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An online programme for practitioners who did not receive the training to confidently promote maternity acupuncture care. This ten-month online programme will take you step by step through diagnosis and planning suitable treatment options – no matter what your treatment style.  Interactive online training is structured around lectures, worksheets, discussion forums and participation in monthly case reviews and Q & A sessions with Debra and Claudia to ensure you make the most of the course material. There will be an emphasis on safe professional practice, pregnancy physiology, understanding red flags and when to refer, the latest research and developing treatment plans for the realities of clinical practice.  You will examine case histories and treatment plans from Debra and Claudia’s clinical practice as well as have opportunities for specific feedback on your own clinical cases.  Study in your own time and receive mentorship while expanding your expertise in this growing specialised area of clinical practice.

You can expect to cover the most frequently encountered issues in clinical practice, including but not limited to:

  • Safety considerations – what the research tells us about the forbidden points and recommendations for safe professional practice
  • Explore treatments options and troubleshoot issues for the common presentations such as nausea, threatened miscarriage, back pain, breech, digestive issues, induction of labour, labour and postpartum care
  • Explore treatment options for promoting wellness throughout the trimesters, and preventive care including emotional considerations, preparation for labour and postpartum recovery
  • Explore key research and the understanding from this to promote maternity acupuncture in your practice

How does it all work?

This course is structured in monthly modules with small cohort sizes to maximise your learning experience. While having access to lectures and resources, the expectation is that you will spend 2-3 hours per week of self-study engaging in set activities to deepen your understanding of the material.

  • At the beginning of the month you will log into an online classroom that contains a lecture and handouts from Debra and/or Claudia around specific topics, safety considerations and treatment suggestions.
  • You then have three weeks to complete set activities such as worksheets and quiz’s in preparation for a live feedback Q&A session with Debra and Claudia in the final week.
  • Ongoing discussion of the classroom material is possible through forums. These forums provide community engagement and also provide the opportunity for you to submit questions from your clinical practice for group support and feedback from Debra or Claudia.
  • Optional additional resources will be provided for those who wish to explore topics in further depth, including understanding key research and how to utilise this for promoting acupuncture in maternity care.

At the end of the course and completion of set activities you will receive a MAMPS certificate and have the option of applying for 15 distant CEU/PDA though Healthy Seminars included as part of your tuition.


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